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Tooth Extractions – Tallahassee, FL

Protect Your Overall Oral Health & Dental Function

Man in dental chair giving thumbs up At Boyd & Walther Dental Associates, we’re able to provide comfortable teeth extractions, whether they are as simple as removing a baby tooth or as complicated as wisdom tooth surgery. Dr. Boyd and Dr. Walther perform teeth extractions routinely and this has enabled them to do it in such a way that even a small child can have a completely stress-free experience.

We may choose to extract a tooth for the following reasons:

The Different Kinds of Tooth Extractions

There are two main kinds of extractions: simple and surgical. For a simple extraction, your doctor will start the procedure by thoroughly numbing the area with a few painless injections of anesthetic. Once you cannot feel anything, they will use forceps to gently rock the tooth back and forth, gradually separating it from the connective tissue. They won’t simply pull your tooth straight out, as this is a ticket to pain and discomfort for both doctor and patient. This rocking method minimizes disturbance to the surrounding gums, meaning that you’ll experience less swelling and soreness afterward. Once the tooth has been removed, your dentist will use gauze to help your blood clot more quickly.

A surgical extraction is more common for wisdom teeth. During this procedure, your doctor will thoroughly numb the area and potentially use nitrous oxide sedation to help make the procedure as comfortable as possible. This will allow your doctor to make an incision in your gums and remove the teeth. They will then close the site using self-dissolving stitches.

After Your Extraction

After both a simple or surgical extraction, you may experience some bleeding, swelling, and soreness around the extraction site. You should rest on the day of your procedure and regularly change out the gauze as your blood continues to clot. Any pain afterward should be minimal and easily managed by over-the-counter medication or a prescription from your doctor. You’ll also be advised to stick to a soft food diet for the first few days. After about 3-5 days, you should be able to return to normal daily activities with complete recovery in about a week.

Have Any Questions?

We understand that the idea of a tooth extraction makes many patients nervous, which is why before we start any treatment, we will always take the time to answer your questions so you know exactly what to expect. If you are scheduled to get a tooth extraction or believe you may need one soon, please contact our dental office today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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