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Permanently Replace Your Missing Teeth

dental implant teeth

Do your missing teeth make it difficult for you to smile at people? Do they make you think twice when you order at a restaurant? Are they the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror? These are very common issues for people with missing teeth, and over time, they can drastically impact your self-confidence as well as your oral health. Thankfully, Dr. Ransey Boyd and Dr. Kirstin Walther can offer the most complete and reliable solution available today: dental implants. They can restore your teeth unlike any other procedure and the end result is a long-lasting smile you will always be able to count on. If you’re curious about what dental implants can do for you, simply contact our Tallahassee, FL dental office  today.

Why Choose Boyd & Walther Dental Associates for Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?


A dental implant is a small, titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone, and which will eventually fuse with the underlying bone (called osseointegration). What makes dental implants so special is that they actually replace the roots of missing teeth as well as the crowns. The titanium posts support your jawbone from the inside just like natural tooth roots, and this support prevents bone deterioration that usually causes dentures to lose their fit after only a few years. Plus, since restorations like a crown, bridge, or denture are being held in place with titanium as opposed to just natural suction or a metal clasp, patients never have to worry about their dentures slipping or falling out, giving them more confidence.

The Dental Implant Process


The process of replacing missing teeth with dental implants will take several months because there are various steps to ensure the long-term success of your smile. While every patient’s journey towards a complete smile will be unique, typically you can expect these steps:

Benefits of Dental Implants


Over 500,000 people per year are turning to the latest solution in tooth loss. Dental implants in Tallahassee are a preferred treatment to replace missing teeth because they replicate the entire tooth structure, including the root. As a result, this allows them to provide key benefits that aren’t possible using any other option. Read on to learn five benefits that set dental implants apart from other options such as traditional dental bridges and dentures.

High Success Rate


Dental implants are the most predictable and reliable solution to treat tooth loss. In fact, they have over a 95% success rate to last for several decades. They have the potential to stay in place forever because your jawbone fuses to the titanium implant posts. You can help to ensure your new smile lasts for a lifetime by maintaining your oral hygiene at home and visiting your dentist in Tallahassee at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

Feels Natural


Even with the latest innovations in dentistry, traditional prosthetics will always have their limitations. Dental implants allow you to enjoy the next best thing to your real teeth. Since your jawbone fuses to the posts, you’ll never need to worry about any slipping or irritation. You’ll regain as much as 70% of your natural biting force to enjoy your favorite foods again.

Looks Natural


All-ceramic material is used to carefully craft your restorations. Rest assured, they are designed to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth to blend in when you smile. No one will know they aren’t real, so you can chew, speak, and smile with confidence.

Preserves Your Jawbone


Replacing the root of your tooth with an implant post allows you to preserve your jaw’s density because it stimulates bone growth. This allows your jaw to fuse to the post through a process called osseointegration. It also keeps your bone strong to stop dental drift. Your remaining teeth will have the support they need to stay in place, decreasing your risk of cavities, gum disease, and additional tooth loss. You’ll even look younger because your facial tissues will have the support that they need to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.

Cost-Effective Solution


It’s not a secret you’ll pay more upfront for dental implants than traditional treatments, but did you know they are most cost-effective long-term? Dental implants should never need to be replaced with the right care over the years. This will save you money because they can eventually pay for themselves. If you’re worried about their cost, there are many options to keep your new smile affordable, like using your dental insurance or CareCredit. We will help you find the solutions you need to treat your tooth loss without breaking the bank.

Who Dental Implants Can Help


Dental implants can be used to replace any number of teeth anywhere in the mouth. We can use one or more dental implants to support all manner of custom-made restorations, including dental crowns, dental bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures. The type of restoration that will be right for you will depend on how many teeth you will be replacing.

Missing 1 Tooth


When replacing a single tooth, a single dental implant can be placed where the missing tooth once was. A porcelain crown will be attached to the post using a connector called an abutment. It looks and feels so natural that you may even forget which tooth is artificial.

Missing Multiple Teeth


Just like their traditional counterparts, implant bridges and partial dentures can be used to restore your lost teeth. In the case of a bridge, these crowns can be connected to two dental implants instead of natural teeth. A partial denture can be secured with a couple of dental implants. Both provide a completely natural-looking result that can last a lifetime with simple home oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

Missing All Teeth


Dental implants are so versatile, they can also be used to support a set of full dentures. Multiple implant posts can be strategically placed to give you a set of dentures that looks better, lasts longer, and even provides a stronger bite force than traditional dentures. If you are missing all of your teeth and want to get your smile back, be sure to  contact our dental office  and ask about implant dentures.

<Learn More About Implant Dentures>

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants


With so many variations and potential combinations, it’s nearly impossible to provide a general cost estimate for dental implants before we see you for evaluation. However, when you have your consultation with us, we can create a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. Based on that plan, we can then give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Keep in mind that, although typically more expensive upfront, dental implants offer many more benefits and do not require frequent adjustments or replacements like dentures and bridges alone. In the long run, you may find that dental implants are the most cost-effective option for replacing your missing teeth.  Schedule your consultation  to find out!

What Influences the Cost of Dental Implants?


There isn’t a set cost for the dental implant procedure because the price is determined by several factors, such as the number of teeth you’re missing. The cost is also impacted by the materials used, like zirconia or titanium posts. Your restorations are also a leading expense. Typically, the more teeth you’re replacing, the more the restoration will cost.

We handle both the placement and restoration portions of your treatment in-house, which will save you time and money while on your journey to a complete smile.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?


You’ll initially pay more for dental implants, but they are more affordable long-term because they can last for a lifetime. This saves you money down the road because they will eventually pay for themselves. Not to mention, they can lower your dental costs overall. The implant posts preserve your jawbone to stop dental drift. This reduces your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other complications associated with tooth loss.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?


It’s rare for a dental insurance carrier to cover the entire amount of the treatment, it can lower certain aspects of it. Our office is in-network with most PPO plans to help reduce the cost. We will work on your behalf with your insurance carrier to file the necessary claims and paperwork to lower the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket.

We accept several payment options to cover any remaining balance, including CareCredit. We will help you find the solutions you need to rebuild your smile.

Advanced Dental Implant Procedures


Unlike other tooth replacement options like dentures and dental bridges, dental implants in Tallahassee replace missing teeth both above and below the gumline. Their firm foundation in your jawbone gives them unmatched comfort, improved function, and the potential to last a lifetime! However, dental implants can’t be placed successfully if your jawbone is too thin or if your sinuses are too low. At Boyd & Walther Dental Associates, we can prepare your smile for successful tooth replacement with advanced dental implant procedures like bone grafting and sinus lifts.  Give us a call today  to schedule your consultation and learn more!

Bone Grafting


Dental implants boast an astonishing success rate of over 95%, even 10 years after their placement! This is largely thanks to a unique process called osseointegration. Once the implant posts have been inserted into the jawbone, they fuse with the surrounding bone tissue to form a reliably strong and comfortable foundation for your new smile.

However, since tooth loss naturally causes jawbone disintegration, it’s common for patients with missing teeth to lack adequate jawbone density. If your jawbone isn’t strong enough, your dental implants could fail. Thankfully, bone grafting in Tallahassee can help boost the thickness of the jawbone. Bone tissue (either from another part of your body or a doner) can be transferred to the area of your jaw that needs to be denser. The grafted tissue will integrate into your jawbone, strengthen it, and encourage new bone tissue growth.

Sometimes, patients can have their dental implants placed directly after their bone grafting procedure. Other times, you’ll need to wait a few months for your mouth to fully heal first. After your bone graft, it’s normal to experience some discomfort for several days. Thankfully, your symptoms should be easily managed with rest, ice packs, and over-the-counter pain relievers.

Sinus Lifts


If you’ve lost some or all of your upper teeth, there may not be enough bone tissue by your sinuses to place the dental implant posts without them protruding into the sinus cavity. A sinus lift in Tallahassee is a type of bone grafting that’s specially designed to help avoid this problem.

This procedure involves making an incision in the gums and gently pushing up the membranes that protect the sinuses. Then, a grafting material is added to thicken the area and keep the sinuses away from the area where the dental implant posts need to be placed. Once your gums are sutured closed, you’ll typically need to wait several months for more bone tissue to grow before getting your dental implants.

Even if you don’t think you’re a good candidate for a dental implant procedure in Tallahassee, come see us for a consultation anyways! Whether you need a simple treatment like a filling or a more complex procedure like bone grafting or a sinus lift,  our talented team of dental professionals  can help you get ready for your brand-new smile!

Dental Implant FAQs


Do you have any further questions about dental implants in Tallahassee? If you do, don’t worry; it’s completely natural. After all, getting dental implants is a major decision. We think you’ll find, though, that it’s an investment that’s definitely worth making. To help ease your mind and clear up a few details, we’ve included some frequently asked questions about dental implants down below.


Usually, your dental insurance plan will require you to choose the least expensive treatment option in order to qualify for the most coverage. In terms of replacing missing teeth, dental implants are not the cheapest option. However, as the benefits of dental implants are becoming more widely known, more insurance carriers are beginning to cover at least the partial cost of this treatment. Our team would be happy to take a look at your plan and determine how much coverage you have available.


Yes, dental implants can replace missing teeth no matter where they’re located in your mouth. The crown, bridge, or denture that is used to restore your implants is designed to replicate the set of pearly whites you were born with. After your restoration has been placed, onlookers shouldn’t be able to differentiate it from your natural teeth.


The good news is that the vast majority of people who are missing teeth make great candidates for dental implants. Even if you’ve suffered from bone loss in your jaw after losing your teeth, you can still get dental implants if you’re willing to undergo a bone graft first. Other qualities of the ideal dental implant candidate include having a diligent oral hygiene routine, not smoking, and being free from chronic illnesses like diabetes. However, you might still be eligible even if you don’t meet these qualifications. Don’t be afraid to schedule a consultation with your implant dentist today to find out if dental implants are right for you.

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