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Implant Dentures – Tallahassee, FL

Want a Better-Fitting Denture? Choose Dental Implants!

Dentures can offer affordable solutions for extensive tooth loss, but they often come with a fair share of caveats. For one, they do not offer as much of a natural feel as you might expect. Plus, they require a high level of maintenance that many patients would prefer to avoid. When you combine dental implants with dentures to restore your smile, you’re not just getting an alternative tooth replacement. You’re taking your tooth replacement treatment to the next level. Call our office today and we’ll schedule your next dental implant consultation.

How Do Implant-Retained Dentures Work?

A model of an implant denture in Tallahassee.Traditionally, dentures rely on the overall shape of your smile as well as natural suction to stay in place. Unfortunately, many patients struggle to use their denture because it does not stay in place as much as they’d like, resulting in moments where they’re forced to readjust their denture when speaking or chewing food. Instead of relying on the gums to stay in place, a series of dental implants are placed throughout the jaw in a way that maximizes bone tissue to the fullest. These dental implants act as the foundation for your future denture, whether it’s a full or partial version.

Am I A Candidate for Implant-Retained Dentures?

A diagram of an implant denture.If you are missing several teeth, either on opposite sides of the mouth or in your entire arch, and you have healthy gum tissue and decent oral health, chances are more than likely that you are eligible for implant-retained dentures. During your implant consultation, we’ll make sure to perform a detailed examination of your current oral health and bone tissue to confirm that treatment is right for you. In some cases, we may need to perform bone grafting so the implants can effectively adhere to your jawbone. Once we’ve completed your exam, we can move on to the next phase of treatment.

The Implant-Retained Dentures Procedure

An older man speaking with a dentist.Once we’ve created a comprehensive treatment plan for your implant-retained dentures, we’ll partner you with an implant specialist who will place the implants into your jaw. Over time, these implants will heal and integrate with your existing bone tissue. After they have fully healed, we can attach the permanent denture on top of them. Your implant denture can be designed to be either removable or fixed depending on your preference. We’ll make sure that it feels comfortable and fits the shape of your mouth properly. If any adjustments need to be made, we’ll make sure to do so.

Benefits Of Combining Dentures & Dental Implants

An older couple examining an X-ray from a dentist.By using dental implants to hold your denture, we can ensure a tooth replacement that not only looks more natural, but feels more natural. Implants offer a much more reliable foundation for dentures, which means there’s no need to worry about constantly adjusting your denture when performing basic tasks throughout your day. Your denture will not shift or fall out of your mouth when speaking or chewing your favorite food. Additionally, dental implants stimulate the bone tissue that you currently have, so your biting strength is largely restored along the way. Implants also prevent changes in your facial shape, so maintaining your appearance is easier as well.

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