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Direct Tooth Bonding – Tallahassee, FL

Fix Chips, Cracks and Stains Quickly and Easily!

Teeth experience normal wear and tear, which can leave behind minor cosmetic damage you’d prefer to cover up. But what if you aren’t interested in cosmetic treatments as comprehensive as porcelain veneers? Direct bonding utilizes specialized dental material to hide minor damage while still qualifying as a conservative treatment! The cosmetic dentists at Boyd & Walther Dental Associates can get your smile back to its original beauty and luster. Contact the dental office to schedule your next cosmetic consultation!

What is Direct Tooth Bonding?

a woman smilingDirect bonding is a cosmetic treatment specifically performed for hiding minor imperfections in teeth. To do this, it uses the same material that tooth-colored fillings do, known as composite resin. This putty-like mixture is blended in order to match the color of your existing teeth, then be molded around your tooth to hide a wide variety of cosmetic issues. Teeth can easily chip, but not necessarily constitute as a dental emergency. If you have an important event coming up that requires a quick solution, direct bonding can be performed in just one appointment!

How Does Treatment Work?

A patient receiving direct bondingAfter examining your smile and listening to your concerns, our dentists can begin planning your direct bonding treatment. First, the composite resin is color-matched to your tooth, then we’ll apply a small amount to your tooth and begin shaping it to fill and cover your imperfection. We’ll then permanently apply the resin with a special curing light, which instantly hardens the material. After shaping and sculpting the resin, your new smile will be complete! With proper care, your direct bonding treatment can last as long as 10 years before needing replacement.

The Benefits of Direct Bonding

A woman at her dental appointmentDirect bonding is typically more affordable than other treatments, such as porcelain veneers. However, it’s also more versatile than a typical whitening treatment, which cannot address all your restorative needs. Direct bonding can resolve a number of imperfections simultaneously, including:

If your smile is permanently discolored and teeth whitening does not effectively address this issue, direct bonding is an ideal solution to hide these stains.

How to Care for Your Teeth After Treatment

A woman applying toothpaste to an electric toothbrushSince composite resin does not have the same porous structure as natural tooth enamel, it will not stain like your other teeth. However, you may need touch-up whitening treatments to keep your natural teeth the same shade as your bonded area. Furthermore, it’s important that you maintain regular brushing and flossing of the bonded area and do not use your teeth as a tool. Doing so can damage your direct bonding or accelerate wear and tear.

Does direct bonding in Tallahassee sound like the right treatment for you? Our dentists can restore your teeth fast and effectively in just one visit. Call our dental office today to get started!

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